Gigantic Organic Flamingo Cake Donut

Did you know: Flamingos are serial monogamists and they dance in order to find and impress their mates. The biological reasoning behind this is that you have to have good motor function in order to have and to feed a baby.  

When your dearest friend can’t have enriched flour (you know the main ingredient in everything that comes in a box) you make her an organic birthday cake. 

When she speaks longingly of a cake donut, and how she misses them so, you make her an organic cake donut birthday dessert. You dig out the center and fill it with her favorite jam. 

When she lights up in delight at even the cheapest novelty flamingo, you grace that cake with the pink bird’s long neck and fluffy wings.

When your fondant skills are lacking you cover those flamingo wings with buttercream roses.  

In homage of all the cheers you’ve shared over Manhattans and Old Fashions, you make simple syrup with raw sugar and spike it with bourbon, bitters, and vanilla. Then you drizzle it all over that sucker. 


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