Sneaky Ingredients

unicorn buttercream transfer
She’s fat and a little cracked but still lovable!

Sneaky Ingredients: 

Blueberries– you intended to eat them, but faster burning sugar (candy) got the best of you and you ate that crap instead. Berries lose nutrition with every passing day so you gotta eat em or pitch em. We don’t pitch anything at the booze infused kitchen.  

Spinach– ah yes. Again, it’s Jan. 1 and the diet is in full effect or at least the good intentions are. But you can’t just buy the spinach, you have to eat it. But you let it sit in your fridge lamenting with the berries about their inevitable demise until today…

Other Ingredients:
Chocolate Cake Mix
3 eggs
⅓ cup oil
2 Tsp vanilla
2 tbs Coco powder
1 cup coffee

First in a food process (or whatever contraption you own that will take solids and liquify them) pulverize the berries and spinach until they become one. 

This purple mixture of vitamins will go undetected in CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yep. Eat cake and get your vitamins too. You’re welcome. 

Combine all the ingredients in the food processor, (one dish to clean-greatest gift ever). 

Spray your cake pan. Bake for 30 mins at 375 degrees rotating the pan ½ through.

When your cake is cool enough to touch press the rounded belly down using a paper towel. Instead of cutting it off and eating it all to yourself, as a reward for all the dishes you’re about to do. Am I the only one who does that?
Boom! Flat cake. No trimming necessary. 

To maximize the moistness of your cake, when it’s cool, remove it from the pan, double wrap in cling wrap and then pop it in the freezer. 

Then frost that sucker.

7 oz (one container) Marshmallow fluff
1stick of butter
2 tsp vanilla
4cups of powdered sugar
Splash of your favorite flavored liquor (*or milk if it’s for the kiddos)

Of all the things on the planet to tempt me, Marshmallow fluff is by far the worst


For a little protein and a ton of flair, combine a container of star sprinkles, chopped peanuts and chocolate chips. Press the concoction into the sides and corners of the cake. 

chocolate cake with spinach and blueberries
Eat the best pieces first