How to Bake Cookies in a Crappy Apartment’s Electric Oven or How to live like an Artist: The Recipe



Cookies aren’t made in the mixing. What separates an edible cookie- from a, “Holy crap I can’t articulate the magic I just tasted”- cookie, is in the little things.

For example:

You could have opened a box, cracked an egg, poured the oil and delivered a confection with enough sugar to please most palates but

1, 2, & 3) If you melt butter and add a splash of salted caramel flavoring, and a box of butterscotch pudding…

4, & 5,) Then scoop the dough into little balls and place them in the fridge for thirty minutes.

6, 7 & 8 ) Then, bake the cookies for six minutes, rotate, and bake for six more minutes.

9) Allow them to continue to cook on the baking sheet for three minutes— because you have an evil, bottom of the cookie, burning oven— because you live in a cheap apartment so that you can work less and create more.

Then you too can have a cookie that obliterates taste buds and pushes the boundaries of what defines “cookie.”

bakery 2

If you take the time to learn how the ovens and the people around you operate, you’ll begin to have richer moments and baked goods. Sprinkle pieces of you into your experience with others: make a handmade birthday card, write someone a song praising the best parts of their personality, or make them a cupcake the size of their head and you’ll start living like an artist. And your baked goods and life will taste better.

maria cake 2