My Little Pony Cake: Twilight Sparkle

This is either a one ear, one horned, flying purple people eater or a Twilight Sparkle cake.

Happy Birthday. Love Auntie BB.


Piecaken: The Monstrosity


Covid-19 has assaulted the world ripping it of all its pleasures, well besides fat, sugar, and salt.

2020’s Thanksgiving was cancelled.

There would be no hugs from nieces, no nephew running into the dining room wearing only a Superman’s cape, no spontaneous outburst of song, no childhood stories reenacted, no new memories made.

#sweetpotatopie #spicecake

So I combatted the deep depression, waiting to ponce on me, with syrupy strength of roasted pecans. And when that wasn’t enough, I baked into a red velvet cake. And when that wasn’t enough, I drown a sweet potato pie into spice cake batter, and baked it for almost two hours.

The swirling whisk of a stand mixer hypnotized me as it turned a block of cream cheese and a pound of powder sugar into a billowing cloud of frosting.

We’ve all had to get creative during this pandemic. We’ve had to find new ways to do our job, bond with loved ones, worship, and create our own joy.

If you need a way to spend an entire day I do not recommend trying your hand at the piecaken. The outer edge of your cake dries out before the middle even begins to firm up. But if you must I recommend the original! The secret is to layer the pie rather than bake it into the cake.

In closing, F*ck you 2020. I mean Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you found something to be grateful for even if it was just sugar.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you pecan pie.