Kissing my Muffin Top Good-Bye

best learn the rules

It’s hard being a baker on a diet.
Today and for the next eight weeks, that’s exactly what I am. 

My friend struck a deal (he lost if you ask me) and found himself in need of six varieties of muffins. He needed my pans and an extra set of hands.

Perfect for me, I sipped protein shakes while we mixed batch after match of muffins.

Chocolate chip, Blueberry, Cornbread, Peanut Butter and Jelly Time, and Applesauce oat muffins with improvised streusel topping. 

Next week (when I’m ten pounds lighter) I’ll post a recipe for protein crepes. I can almost see you rejoicing and sweating in anticipation. Hold tight, before long I’ll be skinny enough to pull out all the buttery confections our hearts and bellies desire.

Until then…happy muffining. IMG_9339 (1)



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