Blackberry Cobbler Made with Cinnamon Vodka

Butter is so expensive I’m like “I guess I’m not a baker anymore.” 

As a result of inflation, this crust is made from a box of Jiffy. The instructions call for 5 tablespoons of water. I subbed it out for some cinnamon vodka that I made so long ago I forgot that it existed.

Cinnamon sticks, vodka, and time

The filling is based on this recipe. I added one tablespoon of cream sherry from Missouri’s oldest winery.

Please tell me what else to do with this!

I also cut out many, many flower petal shapes and applied them. Half way through, I decided to mix in some butter to the dough- because I’m still alive and butter belongs in pie dough- no matter how cheap you are.

Baking ain’t easy and it’s certainly messy. Hug your baker today. Their hands are probably still pruny from the dishes.

Make Your Own Magic

My latest mantra is bring your own glitter BYOG
And you deserve the “good ice”

Luster dusted roses in gold for Mama’s birthday cake (born the day after St Patty drove the snakes from Ireland)
If you look real close you can tell I was busy communicating with fairies and it got a little sloppy
I’m gonna tell my kids this was Jurassic Park

Lemon Blueberry Cake

Flour coated fresh blueberries in the batter.

Lemon cake mix on steroids. Add lemon extract and lemon zest. Drizzle blueberry syrup combined with lemon juice all over the cake.

Blueberry jam filling.

Barely frost with lemon icing to let the beautiful cake show through.

Try to use the incorrect bag and question everything you know.
Make hundreds of flowers, use a handful.
Slap a filter on your picture because you’re an artist, damnit. Act like one.

Make cake but more importantly make memories. Make people feel loved or give them a sugar high. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Rock-n-Roll Cake

When your baby brother is your favorite guitarist, you make him a guitar cake.

Never too old for Funfetti cake. Also never enough sprinkles. Add more!

One string at a time. “Working” machine heads that swivel via a toothpick.
Art imitates life.

Gigantic Organic Flamingo Cake Donut

Did you know: Flamingos are serial monogamists and they dance in order to find and impress their mates. The biological reasoning behind this is that you have to have good motor function in order to have and to feed a baby.  

When your dearest friend can’t have enriched flour (you know the main ingredient in everything that comes in a box) you make her an organic birthday cake. 

When she speaks longingly of a cake donut, and how she misses them so, you make her an organic cake donut birthday dessert. You dig out the center and fill it with her favorite jam. 

When she lights up in delight at even the cheapest novelty flamingo, you grace that cake with the pink bird’s long neck and fluffy wings.

When your fondant skills are lacking you cover those flamingo wings with buttercream roses.  

In homage of all the cheers you’ve shared over Manhattans and Old Fashions, you make simple syrup with raw sugar and spike it with bourbon, bitters, and vanilla. Then you drizzle it all over that sucker. 

Cheshire Cat Buttercream Transfer

“The proper order of things is often a mystery to me.” Cheshire Cat


“Every adventure requires a first step.”

Find your photo. Simpler the better.


Watch your tutorial. ALL the way through…


“Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.”


Realize you didn’t make your frosting contrast enough, and bust back out the food coloring. Forget to take photo of finished cake complete with blended stripe.

“I am not crazy; my reality is just different from yours.”


To make your frosting like no other, substitute the cream in your recipe with Rumchata. To keep it virgin use Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer instead.