Eggnog Cupcakes with Booze

The height of 80’s fashion, Winner of at least one Ugly Sweater Contest

When you take a yellow cake mix and replace the water with eggnog, you can do magical things. You can make people swoon with delight. Go on, try it.eggnog yolk

For the frosting: substitute milk with Evan Williams Eggnog bourbon. Who needs calcium? frosting ingredients


Thankful For Dinosaurs

pumpkin sugar cookie

When your niece is obsessed with dinosaurs you roll, shape, and cut brontosaurus cookies. Then you repeat the process about a 1,000 times.

pumpkin sugar cookie
The Brontosaurus is Back and He is Real, says National Geographic. Copy link into your browser to read more:

She won’t let you take her photo with it, but when you hand it to her and she says, “Wooooow,” you realize it was worth every flour drenched minute.

*Slightly modified to protect her identity. 


Well kinda…these cookies were just okay. 

From my kitchen to yours, I sincerely hope you were filled with good food, good stories, and good laughs. But if that was not the case, I present this image for you. Please enjoy. Thanksgiving