Candied Bacon Bourbon Pecan Pie

IMG_4253Shorthand and avoiding reinventing the wheel, I adapted the butter queen, Paula Deen’s recipe for bourbon pecan pie. I substituted the bourbon with candied bacon bourbon and… because the fat in that recipe lent itself to the bourbon and the bourbon fought back infusing the fat with flavor, I melted that sh*t with butter and roasted my pecans in it. Then I sprinkled chopped candied bacon on top. Do it, you’ll thank me. Cheers.


Candied Bacon Bourbon

Just when you thought bourbon couldn’t get any better…

Candied Bacon Bourbon
is the love child of apple wood smoked
thick cut bacon
dredged in the darkest brown sugar
this side of the Mississippi
and baked for 15 minutes,
at 375,
flipped half way through.

Candied Bacon Bourbon
is the aftermath of
fat skimmed and poured into a jar
then drowned in well whiskey.

Placed in a cupboard away from the light
Shaken every other day or every other night.

Separate the solid from the liquid,
store the elixir
out of reach of children

Best consumed with hot apple cider
or straight up
to warm your heart