Butterfingers Cookies 

I stood and debated, butter or oil? Butter, your last two sticks of butter, one last batch of cookies… or follow the recipe  and use oil. “You have plenty of oil,” I thought.

Pulling the cookies out of the oven I was so hopeful. Then I tasted them.

Let’s begin with the texture: chewy and thin- which is not a good combo. Give me a thick, big bite to mull on.

Next, flavor: a one dimensional cookie, sweetness. Sugar floats everyone’s boat, that’s why we’re here right…? but if all we wanted was sugar we’d have eaten the Butterfinger bites by the fist full straight from the bag.

I corrected course, by topping each cookie ball before baking, with kosher salt.

The result: an added layer of, “Oh, my God, what did I just devour and can I have another?”

Moral of the post: trust your taste buds and take a risk. Sweet and salty always over comes simple glucose.


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