Butter, Sugar, Salt & Sage


When your boyfriend’s mother
Takes another
Trip around the sun,

You pull out all the stops.

You research recipes,
You inquire her favorite cake.
You buy three. different. types. of blue cheese.

You pulse walnuts with flour, sugar, salt, and sage.
You add flour.


You simmer jam with pureed cherries,
12 ounces of cranberries,
And a splash of apricot brandy.

You let it cool.

And then…

Press the pulverized mash
into a tart pan.

At 300 degrees,
for 50 minutes.



Fill the crust,
To the brim,
with blue cheese,
all of them.

Every pungent nuanced flavor.


Top with cranberries,
Spread out evenly.
Rim with walnuts.

Sing * Eat * Drink to life.


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